A Bagelful of disappointment

It’s a Code Red microwaveable breakfast food emergency in the Bliss family household. My mother’s favorite variety of Bagelfuls (the plain kind with just cream cheese – no fruit!) has been tragically discontinued.

After scouring bagelfuls.com for information and completing a mission to all frozen food vendors within a 20-mile radius of her house to collect every stray box of the now extinct morning pastry, my mom has resigned herself to eating her few remaining cream cheese-only Bagelfuls with a look on her face not unsimilar to this:

And that’s after she plays taps on her bugle, shoots a 3-volley rifle salute, and orchestrates a “missing man” aerial formation.

So much for me sleeping in on my “vacation.”

6 thoughts on “A Bagelful of disappointment

  1. I’m not sure if they have actually been discontinued, or if it’s just my local stores that no longer carry them. I have hoarded about a month’s worth of my favorite breakfast food addiction, but if anyone knows where I can get more, please give me the heads up!

  2. Oh, your poor mom. Just from her comment you can tell she’s distressed by this! I’ll be on the lookout for these for her!! Hahahaha!

  3. I think they have been discontinued. I could not find them in safeway a few days ago and last night i was in walmart, and the guy stocking the freezer said they were just pulled from the shelf and in the back room but they could not sell them to me, which makes me believe there is more to it thatn just being discontinued. I loved that little snack, great breakfast item. we should all start calling them and complaining

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  5. I have seen a website that they are still being made by Kraft. But that you might not find them at your local grocery store. So then where? Though I’m going to check my local dollar stores. Thanks for that tip.

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