No time! There’s never any time!

Thinking about writing a blog post this week makes me feel a little bit like this:

I haven’t turned to caffeine pills (yet) and there’s no crying or frantic, spastic singing occurring (yet), but on the inside I’m having a meltdown a la Jessie Spano.

No time! There’s never any time!

Ok, I don’t think Jessie actually says that in the clip above (although I can’t be sure – I’m doing a quick lunchtime post at work and forgot my headphones), but I feel pretty confident that everyone I know or care to associate with will recognize that those lines come from the same glorious episode of Saved By the Bell (in which having “no time” basically transforms Slater’s “Mama” into a rabid singing dog with a black scrunchie bow in its hair, the massive proportions of which does nothing to conceal the fact that said hair will be in deep trouble should a brush fire occur in the near vicinity).

Long story short, this is my way of admitting that I have approximately zero minutes of free time to blog or do anyting this week and I’m a bit stressed. You may be wondering why someone so short on time would choose to express this in such a long-winded fashion? I don’t know! This is exactly how I get into these predicaments – I do it to myself! I am the problem!

I need a therapist – maybe we can figure out some way to pin these issues on my dad.

If you see another blog post from me this week, it means I actually got my shit together.

If not…pray for me…

2 thoughts on “No time! There’s never any time!

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