I’m back!

Hellooo America!
I’ll just say it – our trip to Italy was phenomenal. I mean, look at this photo:

And this one!

I promise that’s just a preview. I’ll do posts on all of the places we went, but first I have approximately 5 million photos to go through, which will take approximately 5 million years. It’s like I’m building a cathedral (you know, because that used to take a really long time?) and hopefully the result will be just as breathtaking. If I should perish before this epic project is completed, that’s totally not my fault, so don’t be mad. But I’ll try my best to get the photos done. And also not to perish.

I’ll be honest and let you know that no photo editing will be taking place this week. We got back on Monday, and my life has been a little disorganized since then.

If you ask me what day it is, there’s less than a 50% chance that I will provide the correct answer. I haven’t shaved my legs in 6 days. And yes, I’ve worn shorts since then. I’ve eaten Subway (6-inch turkey on wheat) for lunch for the past 3 days in a row because that’s how much I’m craving routine. And I haven’t even watched a single episode of The Bachelorette! I don’t even know who I am anymore! And at times over the past few days, that statement could be taken literally!

Thank God today is Friday. I could really use a vacation.

(Kidding, I’m just kidding! Geez, stop glaring at me…)

1 thought on “I’m back!

  1. These photos gave me chills! We’re planning a trip next year around this time, and I can’t wait:) I’m eager to see more pictures and hear about your adventures. Good luck getting back to the ol’ routine!! Have a great weekend.

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