February Photo a Day: Catching up

Since I forgot to post yesterday, you get two photos today!

Yesterday’s photo: Makes me happy

I finally have the third Hunger Games book in my possession! (Thanks to my sister who lent it to me.) I read the first book over the summer, so it’s about time I find out how this whole thing ends.

Today’s photo: Inside my closet

Uggh. My closet is actually bigger than it looks here, but my clothes are still crammed in there pretty good. The idea of a walk-in closet is almost tempting enough to consider a move to the suburbs. Almost…

2 thoughts on “February Photo a Day: Catching up

  1. Don’t do it. Stay away from that third book. I liked the first one and thought the second one was alright, if a bit of a retread (a la Die Hard 2). The third book was so bad it made think less of the first two, though. I wish I could unread it.

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