It’s Friday. My brain is tired.

So now you get two random thoughts.

1. In a perfect world, the job title of Puppy Hugger would exist. You would get paid for hugging puppies. Because puppies need hugs. And somebody’s got to do it.

2. I feel like we could all use more excuses to “shimmy” in life. These days, there seems to be a severe lack of shimmying going on. I’m going to a birthday party this weekend. Perhaps I will shimmy there.*

*This is not a promise.

And to to distract you from realizing what a lame post this was, here are two adorable tiny pigs I found on Pinterest!

Okay, after getting a better look at that first one, I’m pretty sure it’s fake… and now it’s creeping me out a little.

Top two images from here and here.

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