Must-see movies

I used to think of myself as somewhat of a movie buff.

When the Academy Award nominations came out, I most likely would have seen the majority of the Best Picture nominees, with the exception of the scary ones. (For example, I have NOT seen 1991 winner The Silence of the Lambs. And you can’t make me!)

But that was back in the good ol’ days when a three-hour block of time in which I had nothing better to do was a frequent occurrence, the dollar amount of a movie ticket was still in the single digits, and I could be careless with money anyway because my parents were paying for everything.

Let me tell you something – times have changed!

Here. I’ll name every single movie I saw in the theater in 2011: The Help. We Bought a Zoo.



Now that the 2012 Best Picture nominees have been announced and I’ve only seen 10% of them (although considering my track record, one out of ten is pretty good!), it’s becoming clear that I have some major catching up to do. And while I want to see all of the nominees (except War Horse – I’d rather watch a psychopathic cannibalistic serial killer than an poor helpless animal experiencing any kind of trauma), there are two that I absolutely MUST see:

The Artist

Midnight in Paris

I can already tell just by looking at these stills that I’ll love both movies.

Get me to a theater!

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7 thoughts on “Must-see movies

  1. The only best picture nominees I haven’t seen are The Artist and Moneyball. The Artist hasn’t been in wide release in Chicago yet, but will be starting on Friday, so I hope to see it next week. I’m afraid you won’t have much luck seeing Midnight in Paris in theaters unless they bring it back because of the nomination – I loved it. Also loved The Help and The Descendents – those are my 3 favorite movies of 2011.

  2. Ooops – just realized that I also haven’t seen Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (or is it the other way around?) but we plan to this weekend.

  3. I may or may not have Midnight in Paris out on DVD currently if you want to come over and watch it with me! I also have upwards of 7 bottles of wine at my house (don’t ask)…

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