Sparkling wine at The Poison Cup

So many reasons to celebrate, so many sparkling wines to choose from!

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching (like, tomorrow!),  and since sparkling wine is my drink of choice no matter what the occasion, I plan on drinking it all. night. long.

This may seem like a dangerous, hang-over-inducing proposition to some people. But worry not, my friends. I’m no amateur. It’s all about pacing. And really, just the mere act of holding a glass of sparkling wine in my hand makes me feel a little more festive.

In the spirit of New Year’s Eve and sparkles and wine and feeling festive, I went with some friends on Wednesday night to a sparkling wine tasting at a cute little wine shop in Lincoln Park called The Poison Cup.

Unlimited tastes of ten different sparkling wines and the bonus of good company? Heaven, is that you??

We had a great time, and I ended up buying a brut cava to drink on New Year’s Eve. Can’t wait to pop that cork!

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