Happy Birthday, American Girl!

Apparently, it’s the 25th anniversary of American Girl. These girls don’t look a day over eight!

I’m proud to say that I grew up in the Golden era of American Girl. Back then, there were only three dolls to choose from: Kirsten, Samantha and Molly (in ascending order of historical era).

Receiving the catalog in the mail was a monthly highlight, no mega store/restaurant complexes existed, and the educational historical background of each “girl” was the convenient angle we used to convince our moms to buy these ridiculously expensive, glorified Cabbage Patch Kids. Their hair accessories alone probably cost the equivalent of several Pogo Balls and a Skip-it.

When I was finally allowed to get an American Girl doll for my birthday (after a speech about how important it was to take good care of her), I naturally chose Samantha. She had the best hair and the best clothes. I couldn’t understand why anyone would choose either of the other two. Kirsten had weird braids. And Molly had glasses and braids. Ew.

A few years later, once Felicity (from the Revolutionary War) and Addy (a slave) came out, I asked for an Addy doll for my birthday because like most 12-year-olds, I was a big advocate of diversity. But being a sucker for large hair bows, I always loved Samantha more.

I still have both Samantha and Addy. They are currently sitting on a shelf in my old bedroom at my parents’ house. Getting very, very dusty.

Maybe someday I’ll be able to power-wash them and pass them down to my own kids who will probably think they are gross and lame and won’t know what to do with toys that don’t have touchscreens.


(Images from here, here and here.)

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