One night in Paris Club

Last Saturday, three of Will’s friends from Belleville were in town and one of them just happened to have a pretty awesome connection at Paris Club.

You know what that means: VIP status baby! We were poppin’ bottles and takin’ names!

Actually, the night was way more classy and less douchebaggy than I just made it sound. We “popped” one bottle.

But it was awesome! I gorged myself on the frites frommage and the more adventurous people at the table (NOT me) even gulped down some escargot (while I winced and looked away). They said it was delicious. I’m not completely convinced.

After dinner, we even got to skip the insane line at Studio Paris (the club upstairs), where that line between classiness and douchebaggery blurred just a bit, along with our vision and memory of that part of the evening.

It was a great time. Thanks to Mo for an amazing night!

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