Leopard heels, iced coffee and sunshine

Yep, it’s a good day!

I have some family members who are going through tough times right now. And I know material things like (super cute) leopard print heels are trivial. But even if you think they are ugly (what??) or a waste of money, don’t forget to find and appreciate little things like this that make you happy. Because at some point in your life, just getting through the day might be really, really hard. But maybe you can focus on these trivial little things. And they might not be enough to make for a good day, but at least they will give you a good moment. And help you remember that when bad things happen, the good will always still be there if you can just remember to look for it.

(Inspired by my idol, Danny Tanner, the master of heartfelt, sappy monologues.)


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