Chicago neighborhood adventures: Lincoln Square edition

Last Saturday, my friend Megan and I decided to hop on the brown line and explore Lincoln Square, a neighborhood a little north of where I live. It’s a super cute area, and I’d venture to say it has a bit of a German influence, ja?

We walked around, drank some beer, ate some food, drank some beer, ate some gelato, took poorly exposed photos in cute bars with bad lighting, watched some polka dancing, drank some beer, rejected advances from old men and made funny observations that we decided I should include in the blog and then promptly forgot them. Also, we drank some beer.

It was a great time, as expected, since I’m always fond of places where it’s socially acceptable to wear lederhosen.

Megan and I had such a good time, that we decided to make a point to explore other neighborhoods in the near future. Next up: Andersonville! (Tentatively scheduled for later this month.)

Here’s a list of the places we hit during this particular neighborhood adventure, in case you’re interested. I’d highly recommend all of them for a successful Lincoln Square experience!

3 thoughts on “Chicago neighborhood adventures: Lincoln Square edition

  1. I think you failed to mention the rolling pin dance. I guess people will need to go check it out for themselves firsthand! 🙂

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