I pack like a Jerk

Tomorrow, I leave for a long weekend in one of my very favorite places.

Tonight, I pack.

Packing is the worst. (No wait, moving is the worst. But mostly because it involves a lot of packing.)

I always try to pack light and I NEVER succeed. It usually goes something like this:

“Here I go, on a quick weekend trip! It’s just a few days, I barely need to bring anything. Just these three outfits. I don’t need anything else. Except this red purse. And that’s the only other thing I need. Just these three outfits and this red purse… and that’s all I need. And this sequin dress. These three outfits, the red purse, my sequin dress, and that’s all I need. And these thigh-high hooker boots. So we’ve got the three outfits, hooker boots, red purse and sequin dress and I don’t need anything else! Except this pirate costume. But that’s it, I don’t need one other thing. That’s all I need. Wait, I need this too.”

If you’re someone who has seen the movie The Jerk, this may sound familiar. If you’re someone who hasn’t seen The Jerk, I’ve just given you something to do this weekend besides sitting around working on your “Home Sweet Home” cross stitch pattern or whatever it is you people do on weekends.

Image from anyfilmaday.blogspot.com.

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