His last name is better than yours

Quote from Grub Street Chicago article about the new Farmhouse restaurant opening in River North:

“The menu was designed by chef Eric Mansavage – formerly the chef at Club Lucky – and will be based on ‘what’s available from Midwestern farmers and growers.'”

Sounds like a cool restaurant but HOLY COW THAT’S AN AWESOME LAST NAME.

Mansavage?? MAN-SAVAGE! raaawrrr!

I bet people eat his food whether they like it or not because he is Eric MANSAVAGE! A ruthless combination of man and beast, no doubt.

1 thought on “His last name is better than yours

  1. I beg to differ with the title on your blog – his last name is NOT better than mine. How can you beat a last name of BLISS – I’m sure it was traumatic for you to have to give it up for Irwin, which is OK but somewhat boring. At least you didn’t have to endure a name like your sister’s Grothendick – she said her middle school kids had a giggle fest when she was introduced!

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