Oh, the thankfulness!

Happy almost-Thanksgiving!

I decided this post should be a list of things I’m thankful for.

Truly uncreative, I know, but at least I get points in the relevance category. And I get to make yet another list!

Side note: I’m going to leave off all of the obvious stuff like family, friends, health, blah blah blah…just assume that I’m very thankful for all of those wonderful things/people. I’m trying to make this a little more interesting for you.

10 Things for Which I am Thankful – 2010 edition

(and so far the only edition)

1. Uggs, scarves, hats, and hooded coats. All of these things help me to stay warm and alive during my walks between the train station and work every morning/night.

Here's me all bundled up. What's that you say? I look exactly like Leighton Meester, the talented, fresh-faced actress from Gossip Girl? Why, thank you!

2. Work. Or more specifically, my new job. I’ve actually enjoyed all of my previous jobs, but I’m finally in a position where I think my strengths and skills will be put to good use. Also, we have happy hours every Thursday and the company closes between Christmas and New Year’s. So that’s fun too.

3. The change of seasons. Because it means that winter in Chicago will eventually be over. Someday…

4. Champagne. Or prosecco. Or cava. Or whatever. I just love it all. Without it, my life would be a little less sparkling. (Bam! Pun intended!)

5. The fact that the rude gray hairs I recently found on my head could be easily and swiftly removed.

6. Trendy nail polish colors. They keep me from being bored and add a little prettiness to my warped, prematurely aging hands. (My hands really are kind of hideous when you look at them closely. Please don’t do this the next time you see me. Oh great! Now I’m going to be self-conscious.)

7. Gloves.

8. Cute, oversized mugs filled with coffee or green tea. Or hot chocolate. With peppermint Schnapps.

9. Modern Family. Real Housewives. How I Met Your Mother. Giuliana & Bill. 30 Rock. TV. In general. I’m just thankful for TV.

10. Blogs. Both because I love writing one and because I love reading what other people write. The weird thing is, I only just started paying attention to the “blogosphere” less than a year ago. I’ve even made some new blogger “friends.” And have apparently become a huge dork. Eh, oh well – so worth it.

And to wrap it all up, here’s the cheesy part! (Sorry, but being cheesy is unavoidable when discussing thankfulness.)

I’m also thankful for everyone who reads this blog! Without you, writing these posts would be pointless, delusional, and somewhat schizophrenic.

Dust off those gravy boats and electric carving knives! It’s turkey time!

P.S. I’m actually not a huge fan of turkey, so for me it’s mashed potatoes, cranberries, and pumpkin pie time! YUM.

1 thought on “Oh, the thankfulness!

  1. And yet…I’m thankful for that photo you posted of Will holding your purse. Everytime I need a pick-me-up, I know right where to go! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving, Carbie and Wilseph! 🙂

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