Happy green beer day!

I LOVE St. Patrick’s Day. I love parades, drinking green beer and going out to Irish pubs. I even love Guinness. I am slightly Irish, after all (not sure exactly how much).

As I sit here writing this quick post AT WORK (not a fun bar or a parade, mind you), I have to say I’m a little depressed.

So to cheer myself up a little, I’d like to present an homage in pictures of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations of yore!


Duffy's, Chicago. I'm the crazed reveler in the middle.


Mystic Celt, Chicago. Forget Irish eyes. I've got your CRAZY eyes right here. And Will has the drunk eyes down.


Old Town Pub (or OTP), Chicago. With Megan and Emily, St. Paddy's Day regulars. You can tell we're getting older by the fact that we look sober.


Costa Rica. Ok, I wasn't exactly celebrating St. Patrick's Day, but this is where I was at this time last year. Still better than a cubicle.


No comment.

To those of you who were lucky enough to take the day off for the parade or even celebrate last weekend – Slainte! I wish I was you.

I will be consuming a Guinness AND a Shamrock Shake tonight. So there.

2 thoughts on “Happy green beer day!

  1. I was a HUGE fan of the green hat in 2006….in fact, I dare you to find a photo from that year where I’m not rocking that hat!
    And, Carb, I had pretty much forgotten about St. Patty’s at OTP! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. PS – I was at cheer tryouts all night tonight. I think I beat you for “most lame st. patty’s day celebrator ever”….

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