Lazy and Graze-y

When it comes to food preparation, I just don’t participate. The only effort I expect to exert in order to get food into my mouth is picking it up or stabbing it with a utensil and putting it there.

Obviously, this is not a realistic way to consume a nutritious and balanced diet. Thus, occasionally I find myself having to do other things like stirring, chopping, mixing and turning on the oven. What the hell?

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered my solution to this annoyance, at least when it comes to snacking: Graze!


I went to their website, signed up, and now I receive 4 healthy snacks in a cute little box every week for only $5. They are the perfect size for bringing to work or quickly satisfying an annoying hunger pang.

It’s so easy and it’s NOT McDonald’s, which is a very good thing. They have a huge variety of snack options to choose from and you can rate each snack so they know what you like and what to send more often.

Graze is invite only, but lucky for you, I have an invitation code! If you’re interested, head to their website and enter the code PHD5TW9D. You’ll get your first and fifth boxes for free!

This was not a sponsored post (pretty much none of my posts are), but I just like to make sure my readers are healthy and not starving. Because that’s how much I care about you.

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