The Rookery

Most of my posts in the near future will be focused on the amazing scenery and architecture I saw on our trip to Italy, but today I thought I’d share an awesome building right here in the great city of Chicago!

A couple of weeks ago, I moseyed on over to check out The Rookery during my lunch break. It was designed by Burnham & Root (they’re pretty famous for those of you who are unfamiliar with architecture) and built in the late 1800’s on LaSalle Street downtown in the Loop. I don’t think they called it the “Loop” back then… but don’t quote me on that.

In 1905, Frank Lloyd Wright (you DO know him, right??) was commissioned to redesign the lobby, and I must say he did a fabulous job. The photos below don’t do it justice. There’s gold and white marble everywhere, and on a sunny day, the whole place literally shines underneath the huge glass ceiling. Nice effect, Frank!

If you live in Chicago or plan on visiting, The Rookery is an architectural landmark not to be missed. No joke – I promise I would tell you if it sucked. I keep it real on this blog.

Now hopefully that tides you over until my next Italy installment – coming soon!

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