Bon voyage to me

Your attention, please.

Tomorrow I will be boarding a flight to Rome, armed with my camera, iPod, brand new Kindle, and an inappropriate amount of luggage that I will deem as “traveling lightly” while everyone else groans and rolls their eyes. I will also be wearing leggings as pants. Comfort is key in international travel, and I have a  fear of deep vein thrombosis. I’m pretty sure constrictive non-legging type pants will increase the odds of all of the blood vessels in my legs violently exploding in a bloody mess all over my fellow passengers. I believe this is a medically accurate description.

But, assuming I survive, I will return with (hopefully) amazing photos, happy memories and perhaps a few Italian luxury goods! And then I will tell you all about my exotic travels and you will be equally entertained and jealous.

I’ve managed to throw together a few weak-ass posts that are scheduled to go up while I’m gone so you don’t forget about me completely. Yes, they are mostly pictures. Sorry I’m not sorry. I’ve been busy. In a contest of who is the busiest person in the world, I would win based on my dramatic diatribe listing all of my exhausting obligations. But not because I’m actually busier than everyone else. I’m sure Barack Obama is busier than me. And also probably Kim Kardashian.

So I guess I’ll meet you back here in June! I hope the rest the month of May is as good for you as it is for me. (HA, there’s no way that could happen – mine is going to be AWESOME! Unless I die from deep vein thrombosis…)

Ciao for now!


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