Baby party

Last weekend, my friend Liz and I hosted a baby party for our friends Serena and Ben who are expecting a little boy in May.

And I’m not calling it a “shower” on purpose. The party was co-ed, involved beer and catering from Chipotle and there were absolutely NO annoying shower games. So it was pretty much just a party! (At least that’s what I had to tell Will to get him to come. And I don’t think he regrets it.)

There were several details that were especially awesome about this party. The red velvet cake was from Magnolia Bakery (of NYC fame) and was delicious! Serena’s mom sent over fun Good News! candy bars from Hawaii (where Serena is from), and the beer was lovingly brewed by Ben and Serena themselves.

As you can see, a good time was had by all, and we can’t wait to welcome a cute baby boy into the world next month!

Sidenote: This week has been crazy busy, so please excuse my lack of posts and also the fact that I wrote this one in about five minutes…

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