I propose an Emily swap!

If you don’t watch The Bachelor, this post will not be of interest to you. Feel free to be on your merry way and delight in the fact that you are not a masochist.

If you do watch The Bachelor – how much do you love Emily?

This show is amazing in that it makes pretty much everyone involved look like petty, naive, love-obsessed idiots. Maybe because it’s based on the idea that two people are ready to get engaged after approximately four dates together – I don’t know.

But this season, Emily miraculously rose above the champagne-soaked gaggle and somehow appeared to be a smart, clever, level-headed, normal person. I’m not sure how she did it, but God bless her. Since I’m resigned to the fact that I can’t not watch this show, she might have been the only thing that kept me from bludgeoning myself to death with the remote. Thank you, Emily!

It seems to me that she would be an obvious choice for the next Bachelorette (Kacie B. isn’t that great, ok?), but there’s one big problem. They already chose someone else. Another Emily. An Emily whose lack of anything resembling a personality is offset by the fact that she is Barbie in human form.

And while Barbie Emily’s sob story about being a widow and single mom in her mid-twenties keeps me from saying anything bad about her (except for that personality dig above), I think everyone involved would benefit from an Emily swap!

If Smart Emily replaced Barbie Emily as the next Bachelorette, I really think we might have a chance to see one of these crazy relationships work out. Trista and Ryan were a loooong time ago, you guys. This show is killing me!

Image credit: ABC

1 thought on “I propose an Emily swap!

  1. Totally agree, Carb. I thought Emily was fantastic on TWTA the other night. She is very down to earth and didn’t let Ben off the hook for being the blind, grease-monkey that he is. I’m looking forward to seeing what Emily said to Lincee when she interviewed her!

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