Lazy weekend

Yes, Will and I had a “game night” last weekend. We made this for dinner and played Monopoly.

Who won, you ask? Didn’t you see the blimp and sky-writing planes Will hired to broadcast his victory to the world because he’s so super humble? No?

Will also started teaching me how to play Risk, but my sleepiness/wine drinking/ADHD/lack of intelligence kicked in and shut my brain off before we actually got started.

And yesterday, we had a very small Super Bowl Puppy Bowl gathering at our apartment. It was really just an excuse for me to drink mimosas, which I realize is not a typical Super Bowl beverage, but I don’t care so you shut your mouth.

I’d say the crowning achievement of my weekend was successfully executing this recipe for mango avocado salsa. Even without the cilantro (Trader Joe’s was out) and the habanero chile (I don’t do spicy), it was really quite tasty, if I do say so myself.

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