So Rent the Runway is having an awesome sale right now – 40% off today only!

That means that I could rent either one of these out-of-my-price-range designer dresses for less than $50. Total!

I was already considering using Rent the Runway for New Years Eve, and with this great sale, how can I resist?

The only problem is that we don’t exactly have set New Years Even plans yet… but after a couple of casual discussions with our friends, I was assured that I would be able to wear a sequin dress (yay!).

So now I just need to decide – which dress?

I love the gold one, but I have a feeling that color would not look as great on a pale, brunette me.

I also love the stripes on the other one, but it’s not as fitted. But I could always wear it with a belt?

Help me out – I need opinions, stat!

P.S. If you’ve never tried Rent the Runway, I highly recommend them. I rented a dress for a black tie wedding two summers ago and loved it! You can read about it here.

2 thoughts on “Help!

  1. I really like the gold one and I think your brunette hair would help set off the pale color of the gold rather than wash you out. I think the blonde model looks washed out because her hair is similar to the color of the dress. So I say go for the gold one!

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