Retro photo gems: 1st installment

Because I’m struggling to find something to write about today, I’ve decided to start a new series of posts entitled “Retro photo gems” in which I post old photos and we all laugh at them.

I like to call this first photo “Tiffany Drinks Herself Under the Table.”

Waaaay back in 2005, my friend Tiffany made this ubiquitous “young 20-something girls hanging out in a bar” photo SO much better by falling under the table mid-shot. I love this photo so much.

I think we can all agree that Tiffany looks incredibly angelic and peaceful as she resigns herself to the fact that the bar stool on which she was previously resting has shifted in a most unfortunate manner, and she is now in the throes of a situation over which she has no control. I love how she closed her eyes – as if she knew what happened next was not going to be pretty. Or maybe she had the presence of mind to utter a split-second prayer.

Needless to say, once our eyes had recovered from the flash of the camera, we found Tiffany on the ground. Under the table. Luckily, she was fully intact and cracking up with the rest of us.

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