Carlie has crashed

Lately, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this blog.

Let me rephrase that. Lately, I’ve had pretty much NO relationship with this blog. I haven’t been writing, posting, checking the stats or doing anything that would lead anyone to believe that I do, in fact, have a blog.

I don’t even update my Twitter feed anymore. Basically, I have completely withdrawn from the worldwide web. Except for Facebook because at some point in my life it might be useful to have a running total of the people who are willing to publicly associate with me.

Don’t worry, nothing is wrong. The opposite is true – everything is right. As far as my life goes, I don’t have much to complain about. (Just don’t get me started on the current season of The Bachelorette!)

I think maybe I just got a little tired of spewing out my thoughts all the time. I’m usually a pretty private person, a somewhat secluded soul, a basically bashful being – with a penchant for alliterative synonyms and a tendency not to spew things (thoughts or otherwise).

Maybe I just got tired of talking about myself, which I never really thought was possible. Because let’s face it, I’m fascinating.

I don’t know.

Really, I think I just needed some “me” time. I needed to be able to read a book, go to the beach and catch up on all the TV shows on my DVR (8 episodes of Desperate Housewives left, God help me…) without feeling like I should make time to write a blog post.

Blogging also makes me feel a little egotistical sometimes, and I prefer to be self-absorbed in private.

So basically this post is just to confirm the obvious – that I am taking an impromptu hiatus from blogging. Because I feel like it.

But I WILL be back. I might start posting regularly right now. Or I might wait another week or two. But I’m not done. I get a lot of compliments on this blog, and getting compliments is fun. Also, I’m hoping to get a book deal out of this. And maybe I actually enjoy writing just a little bit too.

1 thought on “Carlie has crashed

  1. I definitely here ya on the “me” time! I occasionally withdraw from the virtual world every once in a while as well, I think sometimes to make sure I can still function as a normal person without it. I go through what I like to call “Twitter phases” as well. Some weeks I’ll tweet 20+ times a day, then sometimes an entire week will go by without so much as one tweet. It can get tiring and overwhelming sometimes – so I think it’s good to take a break from it all and disconnect every now and then!

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